EA brings new updates for FIFA 17 PC version

FIFA 17 PC gamers get a new update from EA; including modifications in gameplay and visuals.


Picture: From the game

FIFA 17 is one of the most popular games on the planet – until FIFA 18 comes around, of course. The game shipped with a brand new story mode – The Journey. Although, it wasn’t as long as people expected it to be.

However, EA has made sure it has rectified the errors in the game as soon as possible – and through this new EA update, the company solves a lot of visuals problem in the game.

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Here is the full patch list – as mentioned by EA’s official website:


Limited the times on which a player can win a particular Daily Knockout Tournament in FUT Champions. The change will be visible on the main FUT Champions HUB Tournament title and in effect starting from 07:00 UTC on March 26th. 

Also, EA has added the ability to limit attribute items for the Champions matches and will be visible in the event details screen. The Canadian game company has added new squad restriction options to the tournament such as a player time and added games remaining to the FUT Champions Leaderboard. 

Visual/Presentation changes:

Several visual changes are made in the new patch. Club crests and player photos are updated in the database; whereas the issue with glitches in showing players overall is rectified. EA also standardised the latency bar graphics across all online modes. 

Gameplay changes:

EA has solved the issue with GK playing the wrong animation on a pass back and disabled the penalty kick indicator and FIFA trainer from all FUT Champions matches.

PS4 and Xbox users can expect the changes soon.


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